High Value

High Value Watches

Leo Insurance Group’s Private Client Services, along with our partnered insurance companies specializes in clients needing complex, tailored insurance solutions. Our primary focus is securing insurance protection for homes starting at $1 million and accompanied by commensurate assets, such as vehicles, jewelry & watches, fine art, collections, classic cars, boats, and more.

Your homeowners insurance should guarantee the full cost to rebuild your home. Professional appraisers will help to establish this cost for you. Examples of additional optional enhancements include loss from operating your golf cart, Wildfire Protection Services, preferred flood protection, kidnap and ransom expense, cyber attack expenses, and worldwide protection expense. Reach out to our Private Client Services for a full list of available coverage.

Everything from your personally owned vehicles, antique or collector vehicles, motorcycles or motorhomes we can insure it, and, on one policy. Receive one bill, one renewal date with one agent. Features of the automobile policies we offer range from agreed value, new car replacement, OEM parts, worldwide liability, trip interruption expenses, and more.

You should require a higher standard of coverage for all of your assets- everything from your home to your wine collection. Call or email us today for a comprehensive insurance plan review and proposal. You will speak to a designated licensed insurance professional who will walk you through every step in securing the right coverage tailored to your needs.